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i have a win xp 64 oem cd that i payed full price for. what i am trying to do is find somewhere to just buy legal keys for installing the os on new builds (preferably inexpensive).
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  1. If you paid "full price" you should have gotten the Product Key with the CD. You can't buy Product Keys without the CD.

  2. maybe i phrased the question incorrectly. i have a legal copy of win xp 64 that has already been used on a new build. is there somewhere to buy additional licenses to install this copy on new builds. i have worked for many companies where i would ghost a new machine or build it from scratch if there was not an image close enough available and they would buy however many licenses they needed.

    or possibly something like buying a download and just get the key without bothering with the download (i do this for win 7 rc, of course it is free for now).
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