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Frustrated with i-Tunes, are there any alternatives for the Mac ?

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June 18, 2010 6:08:20 PM

I have an old i-Book that I'm using as an mp3 playback machine, but I have to say that i-Tunes is the most annoying software on the planet, I never seem to be able to figure out how I did anything, it's always a mess, and I end up wasting hours just trying to do the simplest things that take no time at all on my PC. OK, two major problems, why doesn't i-Tunes import my track number changes into it's library ? instead, it reverts to the original track number of the CD that I took the music off in the first place, this is really annoying, as I end up with lots of tracks with the same numbers, and I have to go into the library and change everything again !!!! It always ignores my changes, and reverts back to the original CD track number !!! Problem number two, I want to store all of my music on an SD card, and play it from the card, but no, i-Tunes wont let me do this, I have to import the music and create a play-list !! I don't want to dot hat as the internal memory of the i-Book is quite small, and it makes more sense to use a memory card. I have no problems doing either of these two things on my PC, I just put the card in, highlight the tracks in the folder right click and press play ! simple ! It's stuff like this that has kept me away form the Mac brigade in the past, its almost as if you have to do tings there way or it's the highway.....thank God I was given this Mac, I would have been really pissed off if I had bought the thing ! It's the only laptop I have though, and it's in a different part of my flat, so I cant always use my PC to play my music on, so it would be good to get the thing working...


June 19, 2010 9:10:22 PM