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Hey guys,I've got Logitech X-530 Speakers.But,intend to be just using headphones only.Due to my new born grand baby living with me & my wife now.

I basically listen to my cd's on my pc from time to time and use headphones to game with.Here are the headsets that I use:
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  1. Those headphones seem easy-to-drive enough. Any soundcard with atleast decent opamp circuit should drive them well. If you want to be sure, X-Fi elite pro can drive even 250ohm (though it depends on efficiency too) "audiophile-grade" headphones with ease and with very good sound too (though dedicated amplifier always helps if you care about such things, and thats completely different subject area) but any X-Fi (better at gaming) or X-Meridian (bit better sound, though no personal experience) should do more than well enough.
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