Can't connect to wireless network..why?

I'm having a problem with my wireless router. It's a linksys G router. Ever since I installed the router 6 months ago, it hasn't worked. It works in that the laptops recognize the SSID, but they won't connect. I haven't had much time in the last 6 months to fix it, but now I need it for work and have to figure it out. I've tried 3 different laptops and they won't connect, even though they recognize the network. I tried to change the channels on the router, but I don't know what else to change to get the computers to connect....Does anyone have any ideas or ever experienced this?
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  1. Try reseting the router to the factory settings, should be a button on the back or directions in the manual and then reinstall the network following the router directions precisely. Once you have the hardwired computer up and running turn on the other computers and run the wireless wizard for each computer. Be sure to turn off all the other computers while installing the network and then work on each computer individually You' need the factory default log in and password
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