5.1 rear and center speakers dont work

HI, I dont know If I am using the right forum to discuss my problem but I hope you guys wont mind.
I purchased a 5.1 Altec Lansing Computer Speaker system from PC World in January. To support that, I also got a Sound Blaster.
But since day 1, not even once have I heard all the 5 speakers working with the sub-Woofer. With the subwoofer, only the front 2 speakers work but the rare and center one never works. I reinstalled the OS to make things work but in vain. Once all the 5 speakers did work after I played with the sw a bit but not when the woofers r on.
I have tried all the technical forums and PCWORLD technical lines but no one seems to find the solution. I am really frustrated now!
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  1. Could it be your speakers are faulty? And here's a basic thing, but did you even set your speaker settings to use 5.1 sound?
  2. Yes, I did check the physical connectivity and also I went into control panel, set the speaker setup to 5.1 speakers. Also I have installed the drivers from the CD I got with the speakers and later on I downloaded the latest drivers from the Internet but in vain.
    Also, I cant say that the speakers r faulty because all the 5 speakers worked once and also the woofer works; the problem is if all the 5 speakers start playing, the woofer turns off (pushing the 5.1 IN button on the remote) and when the woofer turns on (pushing the Ster/Surr button on the remote) only the Front 2 speakers work and the Rear ones with the center one stop playing!! :(
  3. Just a thought, have you disabled your onboard sound in the bios. May cause a conflict between the two
  4. Yes I did!
  5. hi

    Try this it may work for you but it did not for me alas.

    go add new hardware in your control panel. Choose I have already connected the hardware, click next then, goto teh bottom of the list 'add new hardware device'. Choose install teh hardware I manually select (advanced). Next in the list choose sound video and games controllers and clcik next. highlight standard devices in the left pane on top of the list, then click have disk. Browse to mmdriver.inf (should be in system32) and install. it says windows logo test not approved or something, ignore and carry on. Hopefully this will help you.
    Mine fails at the installation complaining about driver not being x64 compatible.

    There is a much better description for this at ms website if you do a search for your problem.

  6. Did anyone think its a source issue?

    If your not playing audio thats not configured for 5.1, then you wont get 5.1.

    Configure your games for 5.1 sound too.
  7. Enable X-Fi CMSS-3D. =)
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