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Hi, I have configured SpeedFan to log various items.
I cannot find where the log files are stored.
I am on WIndows7 64 bit.
Have looked in the SpeedFan folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\SpeedFan
also searched for SFLog*.*
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    Likewise I cannot find them either. The problem is that certain apps cannot access the Program Files directory. For instance my JDownloader could not access the default directory in its own folder so I had to specify a different download directory. I am wondering if SpeedFan has the same problem, it is unable to save to its own directory. Unfortunately Speedfan does not have the option to save the logs elsewhere (like in My Documents or something)

    EDIT: Ok, found the solution. Run Speedfan as Administrator, more info will appear. I got access to SMART and HDD temps and it was able to write to the directory. You will have to reconfigure your temps and log info though.
  2. Hi Thanks for the info. I have stopped using Speedfan and am using Everest. As I had some weird system hangs which killed my BIOS I have stopped using Speedfan and all the Gigabyte utils. Since then I have had no more issues.
    :D :D :ouch: :ouch: :o :)

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