Can't logon as user(Owner) after upgarding XP!

Can't logon as user(Owner) after upgarding XP!

I upgraded from XP home to XP Pro and only ADMINISTRATOR appears as
a logon choice. I can see the three other users on my hard drive with explorer but I can't drag/drop the contents into the new XP! If I try to expand the Owner folder under C:\Documents and Settings\Owner, I get a pop up box that says .

. . . "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner is not accessable Access is denied"

So how can I recover the "Owners" doc's, (as well as the two other user
accounts docs) when I don't have access to that user at logon to enter a
password? The password is known but there is only one user at logon,

Basically I would like to add the three other users back to account choices at logon, or at least drag and drop saved docs/pics/videos/mp3z from those

thanks chris

P.S. I also tried to install this "C:" drive as a "D:" slave in another computer
hoping to xfer files that way, and the same result as above "Access is Denied"
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  1. You might have to delete and recreate the other accounts. You can take ownership of the folders and files that you need to move.
  2. I tried 4-5 different GUARANTEED FIXES and none worked I still get "Access Denied" with the exception of the linux cd boot disk which I didn't try.

    Most likely If I loaded the linux cd boot disk I would have gotten "PENGUIN" bit again and dumped all my MS OS machines. I loaded Linux Mandrake about 8 years ago and loved it and going BACK (as in reverse) killed me. Don't think I coild do that again . . .

    Anyhow took the easy way out and reformatted the whole drive. I know I lost the users and their data/docs but I believe there were other issues that reformatting solved.

    Thanks for all the input . . . and it kills me to let this get the best of me, but the owner finally didn't care about whatever they had in those folders/accounts they just needed the machine back!
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