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Iv'e installed XP pro on my new computer.
after installing all the software i need on the computer i checked how much disk space i'm using before creating an image, and then i encountered a strange thing.
When i measure th used disk space using ALT+ENTER from the root directory all the file amounts to about 9GB (all visible and all accounted), but when i check the disk properties it reports over 20GB used.
When i created the image, the file weighed over 20GB also even thought i don't have 20GB of files.
I know for sure that this is very unlikely that i'm actually using 20GB and that ALT+ENTER reports a wrong size because on my other computer. which is my primary computer I have a lot more software (some of which is pretty heavy-weight) installed and a lot more junk collected along the years, and it all amounts to less then 17GB. by the way, the two systems has same OS version, the new one is even a clean SP3 installation without too many patches, so it is suppose to be even thinner.

I ran chkdsk but no errors were found. what can I do ?

thanks in advance !
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  1. Did you include hidden files and folders? They are hidden by default.
  2. of course i did.

    all hidden and system files.
  3. How did you include them? You went to Folder options and checked Display the contents of system folders and selected Show hidden files and folders?

    By the way, why are you so concerned about using a few more Gigabytes? Hard disks are so large that one doesn't need to worry about that.
  4. yes, i' not a novice user, no system or hidden files excluded.

    i believed maybe it was a file system error but scanning the disks didn't help finding any.

    the problem is that i want to make a clean backup image on a removable device after installing the computer, but with this problem it takes more than two times the actual size.

    furthermore, there is a problem and i want to fix it.
  5. found it ! system restore files !
  6. Those were hidden, weren't they?
  7. they are invisible even with all hidden files visible. it is under "system volume information" protected folder which is inaccessible even as an administrator.
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