Internet Browsers Sometimes SO slow

Hey guys.

I'm really not sure what happens to my pc sometimes.
My internet is usually very fast and effective, and I often download things at 500kb/s, but recently i've started having some painful troubles browsing the net.

SOMETIMES, my internet connection on this PC is incredibly slow. it's odd because it's not always like that, and it's only on my browsers (on safari, mozilla, and IE8, all of which i ahve tried). while it's taking me 10 minutes to check my e-mail, i'll be downloading a movie at 300kb/s.

This makes me assume it's a virus related issue, but having scanned my computer numerous times with Malawarebytes Anti-Malware, Kaspersky AV and Spy-bot search and destroy it still happens.

i really don't expect any good answers here, i'm just looking for opinions or anybody who's had similar problems.

thanks a lot,
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  1. It may be a case with specific sites going down or responding slow as a result of increased traffic..
  2. What sort of connection do you have? DSL or Cable? If it is cable, it could be that there are simply more users on the shared connection, i.e. at night. If it is DSL, I agree with Emperus that it could be general traffic related, i.e. more traffic on your favorite sites and such slowing down the servers.
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