Wireless ADSL Router, Which one?

Hey all,

Sorry to do this but im at wits end with this. I am looking for a new wireless router with good coverage and a good budget to do it.

Current setup at home:

2x Dell X300 Laptops (Intel 2200BG Cards)
2x K-Corp KLS-530 G PCI Cards In a CCTV and HTPC
Nintendo Wii - Occasionally used
XDA Mini S - Occasionally used
1x HP (forgot model but inbulit G) - Occasionally used
1x Laptop with Netgear WG511T PCMCIA Card Auto 108/54g
1x Laptop with Buffalo 54g PCMCIA - Very Occasionally used
1x Computer with Netgear WG311T PCI Card and 7dBi ariel booster Auto 108/54g
1x Server with Gigabit Ethernet
1x HP 2710 With 100Mbit internet
1x Netgear DG834GT Wireless Router and latest firmware

TalkTalk Bundle for internet.

Basically the wireless router has been replaced (RMA) by Netgear and is running the latest Firmware. However even in the same room with only the printer cabled and my Dell X300 (or any single other device) connected via wifi the routers wireless keeps dropping. However when cabled in there is no issue. The house is about 17C so not to hot and the router is in the open to the air and get warm but not hot hot.

What is the problem with this router and how do I fix it, OR what good wireless modem router do you recommend. I have the standard talk talk modem so if needs be I could use just a router. I need a stable good range router. I was looking at getting a Draytek Vigor or Cisco however I heard some iffy things about draytek. I have had bad experience when setting up other peoples Belkin, D-Link, K-Corp, Linksys so weary of all of them. It could be me setting it up but I have had other people check out the configurations and rung netgear all to no avail.

Other thing to note which is really getting me is at uni I have a Netgear WG614 with the same fault. Wired is fine, wireless just dont work.

As for wired, its going to be hell to loose all of those wires around the house so its not really an option.

PLEASE help if you can as its urgent as well as driving me MAD!!

Thanks again,

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  1. I have a ZyXEL x-550 for a couple of years and have had no problem and also running a print server. Good range in the basement and works fine 3 floors up
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