Patch to covert 32bit to 64 bit

i have staad pro 2007 and 2006.
(Its a structure analysis software. )

but both are not compatible to 64 bit processor.

can i convert this software to 64bit configuration?
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  1. Actually all 64bit processors have a 32bit compatibility mode.
    And it's possible to run 32bit software in a 64bit environment.

    How did you find out that it isn't compatible?
    Because it could be that there are 16bit pieces in that 32bit software.

    Normally this should
  2. ok.
    Thank you for your concern sir.

    actually when i installed the software on my pc which is a 32bit processor, it worked perfectly. where in case of my laptop (64 bits) its not working at all..
    both are installed with genuine windows vista.

    am certainly not able to understand what the problem is.
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