PLEASE READ ON !!!!!! I just can't fix this no matter what I do...... I've being playing with PCs for about 7 years now and never had a problem unsolve like this one.

Here are my Specs:

OS: Win XP sp2 (the OS isnt corrupt I've even tried many different copiez)

CPU: Intel dual core 820 2.80ghz (neither overclocking & underclocking solved the problem) with Thermaltake BIG TYPHOON cpu cooler idle TEMP @43C and load @52C

RAM: Corsair VS DDR2 2gb 533mhz


GFX: HIS X1900XT 512mb (idle TEMP @ 62C load @ 75C

PSU: ANTEC 500W(this is my 2nd antec after my 1st burnt out which was burnt out....EVEN tried on my cousins NEW 620W Corsair PSU)

HDD: 1x Western Digital 37gb 10,000rpm sata (10gb free space)

What I've done.

1. tested ram with prime 95 no problems with ram(even pulled 1 of the ram out to run in single channel mode no difference!!!)

2. removed x1900xt and installed a x800xl with lower fps & 200% more choppy.

3. running on Grundig LCD TV no driver.... so I got tried LG 15" lcd monitor with driver, no difference either!!!!

4. uninstalled ATI tool & installed lastes ....no difference.

5. UPDATED BIOS & cleared it made no difference (PEG mode is disabled 24/7) fastwrite & GFX acceleration all turned on.

6: wipped HDD and RAN Win XP sp2 with all lastest drivers ...no difference.

7. launched the latest ATI tool with default timings no OC whatso ever. and opened up the 3D spiky cube shows a steady 645fps but once I put my mouse over it and move the FPS will fluctuate from 50-450fps and if i move violently it will just pause and not move at all.

8. tried 4 different mouse from ball type to wireless infrad mouse!!!

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

the above maybe a big mess but that's what I've done in the past year.
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  1. system temps are around 35-43c they are fine since I can monitor them all while I use my 40cm FAN with the case opened incase it was a heat issue.

    well when I got the CPU it had a bad heat issue.... the idle temp was above 70c and 85c with load.... and it was with the stock cooler I've also checked to see the heatsink was fitted properly then I found the CPU surface was curved inwards -_-! but now temps are fine since I got this aftermarket cooler, I also have CPU throttle monitor and no throttling so far
  2. I agree with it possibly being the MB, but have you tried removing and or disabling everything except the Video card? Such as removing sound cards and network cards to see if it is an IRQ conflict?

    Also, is this a PCIe or AGP card? There are some settings in the BIOS that may need to be changed if it is AGP.

    EDIT: according to the MB model you gave it looks like it is PCIe
  3. even got a new sound card also tried games with no sound card....I've had IRQ BSOD sometime ago and it was a problem with sound card... but how do u SET IRQ in CMOS? i don't understand what to do :( :? since it doesnt say which hardware goes which IRQ :cry:

    network = onboard

    yes its a PCIE
  4. Well not much help but anyways, if you can find another cpu try that see if it helps. If not, then mobo.
  5. I'm with the mobo on this one. You said your PSU went and it might have damaged the mobo. You've basically tested everything but the cpu and mobo...
  6. hehe you see I had the problem from the start when everything was new... well I know you can test the CPU for corruption and it seemz to be fine... BUT what about M/B???
  7. How long has this gone on for? Can't you RMA the parts?
  8. more than 1 year :) RMA is out of the question :roll:
  9. so? anyway to test the M/B?
  10. Try disabling all the USB stuff in the bios. Sometimes there are driver conflicts. You may want to clean out any installed USB drivers in windows as well. What games or benchmarks are you testing? Your IRQ and PCI-E speeds should be default if you reset the bios so I wouldn't worry too much about those. What games/benchmarks are you testing and what kind of frames are you getting? "Choppy" doesn't tell us enough. Your Pentium D is a decent proc, but if you're expecting 30+ frames on high settings in a game like Oblivion good luck. You pretty much need a high faster dual and an 8800/X2900 for that.
  11. well Red Alert 2 ..... haven't tested how many frame but on the lowest res + all low settingz it stops responding every 2seconds thats how jerky it is and the red alert main menu is a spining sonar!!! it freezes every 2 seconds too....

    with old games like counter strike: condition zero max settingz i get max 110fps and drops to around 60fps if thingz get messy.

    and on the other hand my dual Xeon 3.0ghz (HT on with 2gb ddr1-400 ecc ram) with 7600GT can handle minimum 135fps & max 200fps

    also around 29-40fps on Dungeon Siege 2 with 1280* 1024 medium settingz!!!


    only game that does't get choppy would be RED ALERT 1!!!! (1995) & crap like solitare ^_^
  12. well since Windows Vista with permanent activation is out do you guyz think it'll fix up the problem?

    I still think itz a problem with driverz or OS coz ATI tool only getz choppy if i put my cursor over the spinning spikey cube.

    let me know what u guyz think

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