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I think this is the right forum atleast. heh Anyways I've got some type of virus/adware, etc. that's causing IE (internet explorer) windows to open and be shut appearantly. Not because I see the windows opening by themselves but because a box appears as a 'warning/heads up' that some type of problem occured. Using Windows 7 64 bit. My PC has been running slower than usual ever since and when I go to shutdown it always pauses and says it's shutting down background programs. This has been going on for two days now.

Anyways I downloaded a trial of norton and it claims my PC is clean--then I downloaded the top reccomended adware removal program off of google after having Norton approve that it was a safe download. It showed that I had like 502 different types of problems, no viruses but lots of tracking junk, etc. The problem is it won't actually remove them without payment--even though they advertised that the program was free. I don't have the cash to drop into a paid remover right now but want to get rid of the problems before they cause potential permanant damage to my PC. Was wondering if anyone knew of any downloadable programs out there that will actually isolate and remove the problems it diagnoses for free?

Thanks for the help sorry about the lengthy post wanted to be precise,

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