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For the last two weeks or so, I've been trying to resolve this problem to no avail. I have exhausted all online resources at this point and thought that I had narrowed it down to the dns. I installed OpenDNS, thinking that it would resolve this issue but nothing changed. One particular site that is not loading at all, on any browsers on my computer is There are many more that fail to load as well. I did test these sites on my iPhone with no problems though. There are a handful of other sites that do open but do not load properly [missing images, ect.] I also thought that it might be malware but I installed & scanned my computer with four different programs which did not solve the problem. I'm guessing that it still may be some problem on the software side with settings but I can't seem to figure out where to look. BTW, I've been using Microsoft Security Essentials as my antivirus program for the past couple of days now. Prior to that I was using Avira but it seemed to be giving me problems so I uninstalled it and installed the Microsoft app. Any help would be very much appreciated, this is the first problem that I have run into that I truly have no idea how to fix.
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  1. One more bit of info. Some flash video sites such as Youtube do work but others like Dailymotion, Viddler and Vimeo do not.
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    ipconfig /all please

    and are you accessing these sites through your iphone on the same network? (wifi and not your mobile service provider 3g 4g)

    get the network info that your iphone is using also if you're using the same connection as your computer. Namely ip address and gateway
  3. Something is definitely wrong with my computer. I verified that the sites work on both my iPhone and another laptop I have in the house on the same network. I think the problem is the Java plugin but I can't access the site to download the update. I currently have Java Deployment Toolkit which, according to Firefox is known to have security / stability issues and needs to be updated. Any ideas?
  4. should have a big read download java button for the latest version.

    if you can't get on try
  5. ninesunz said: should have a big read download java button for the latest version.

    if you can't get on try doesn't work either. The Adobe plugin needs to be updated as well. I tried to download the updates onto a flash drive using my other computer but they wouldn't install on my computer.
  6. I figured it out. It turned out that I had PeerBlock running in the background and forgot to close it. Sorry for wasting everyone's time but thanks for the help anyway.
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  8. I'm so glad you did post this thread. I spent hours today trying to figure out why certain sites and links, including, weren't loading. I kept thinking it was because I'd blocked Java a few months ago, and was trying all kinds of updates and unblocking workarounds. Finally found your answer - duh - I had PeerBlock running! I don't remember it behaving like this in the past, must have a different filter or something.

  9. I am facing the same problem (in fact worse). The above sites mentioned like dailymotion, vimeo, Viddler, were earlier working properly. But since last week all my browsers (firefox, chrome, safari) are not loading the css for these websites.

    In fact, I have tried to check on the 3 different laptops, but the problem remains the same for the above mentioned websites.

    It looks like network issue. Can someone please help me here, I am getting frustrated with this.
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