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hey guys i recently did a repair install of windows xp home sp3 because of the activation loop issue. all went well until i started the program updates for internet explorer. it downloaded a few things then told me to restart, but after restarting, i click on internet explorer to resume the updating and it says that it encounters a problem and needs to close. the module is urlmon.dll and theres a bunch of other numbers when i click on the "click here" for the issue. any idea on why this happening? thanks in advance.
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  1. What version of IE are you on? You may want to try reinstalling, or upgrading to at least IE7.
  2. hey aford10 thanks for responding to yet another one of my questions. i still havent found a fix for my activation problem so ill just do a full reinstall. i have IE 6 i think because of the repair install i did earlier it removed the latest IE. how would you go about reinstalling IE? thanks again
  3. This link has the links and instructions for the various OSs, and different IE versions.

    Sorry to hear about the activation problem. That one was a headscratcher. I thought for sure that last link would work.
  4. most of the steps dont apply because i cant even get internet explorer to open. i cant even open the system file checker. when i type in sfc /scannow in the run box the command box opens for a split second and closes again.
  5. You can download the setup file from another PC, and transfer it to that PC. Here's the download link for IE7.

    The sfc command is if you're trying to repair the current install. If you simply reinstall it, you don't need to run the sfc command.
  6. after installing IE 7 i restarted the computer and now when i try to open IE it doesnt even have a message it just does nothing. same with when i try to open windows update from the start menu.
  7. Try to run it manually.
  8. still does the same thing. nothing happens
  9. Any errors during the IE install?

    Try running the ccleaner registry tool. Maybe the registry got scrambled.

    If that doesn't help, I'd try the IE install again.
  10. i also tried using my xp disk to reinstall IE but i get this error msg: missing entryIEAccess.sysinst
  11. A person in this thread had the same problem. It was apparently also after a windows update. You may need to use the restore points to roll back before the updates, or manually uninstall it/them.
  12. im not sure what update i downloaded though. IE isnt in my add or remove list
  13. i might as well just give up on this problem. i never use IE anyways only firefox. i only needed IE so that i can update to the latest service pack (i have sp2). should i even bother to update to sp3 or should i just leave my computer as sp2?
  14. You don't have to uninstall IE. The installer will overwright the existing install.

    It's not essential that you have SP3, but there are some security updates that you would miss.
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