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Hi all, I'm kindda new towards OCing but i sorta know how to increase the clock speed and FSB but each time i reach the mem oc im as blind as a bat , not knowing what to do. i mean what does all those numbers mean and can the latencies be changed with from OCing?
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  1. always read the stickies first !!!!

    mem overclocks as you raise the fsb, the thing you have to worry about is cpu:mem ratio.

    like if your fsb is 200mhz and you set your mem to 266mhz your is ratio 3:4

    and if your fsb is 200mhz and you set your mem to 400mhz your ratio is 1:2

    and so on

    its best to keep 1:1 so 200:200

    and for latencies, they are a bit complicated. all you need to know is we usually list them with 4 numbers like 4-4-4-12 or 3-3-3-8

    the bigger the number the looser the timing, the slower the ram, the easier you can overclock

    the smaller the number the tighter the timeing, the faster the ram, the harder you can overclock

    leave them in default if you don't know what to do.
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