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I am experiencing a problem with the internet connection of one of my computers. While I am able to access the internet from all the other computers in the house, on this particular laptop I am unable to load any websites. Whats odd is that all other web based services seem to be working as they should, I am able to load into messenger and the computer seems to be resolving IP address' via DNS. When I try to ping web sites it times out, does anyone have any clue what the hell could be going wrong? Cause im stumped.

I am connecting to the internet wirelessly using a 3com ADSL router, but as previously mentioned all the other computers in the house are also wireless and not experiencing the same problem.
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  1. Spyware or viruses.

    Spyboy Search and Destroy

    Any antivirus you have available - Avast, McAfee, etc.
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