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I have recently upgraded RAM from 2 to 4gb, and since my Dell inspiron 1720 only recognises 3.3 gb, Im considering upgrading to 64 bit vista.

I have a friends 64 bit vista installation disk (for a dell studio laptop). Would I be able to use this for my laptop?

I know I'd have to reinstall software, but would hardware such as my graphics card (Nvidia GeForce 8600mgt) still work in 64bit?

Thankyou for any help!

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    You will need to get the 64bit drivers for your laptop
  2. Unless you are planning on installing more ram, it's hardly worth the effort of reinstalling everything.
    If your computer is not identical to your friends, your instalation is likely to fail, as neither the hardware or the Dell key is likely to match.
    If you try this, first make sure you have made the recovery disks for your computer to allow you restore your system, also remember to backup all your files.
  3. Legally, that OS is only allowed to be on 1 PC at a time.
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