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I just upgraded to vista and am awaiting the release of 7. After i installed vista my logitech sound system doesnt seem to be working. One speaker wont have anything come out of it at all, Another is overally loud and the other 3 are really quiet but still have sound barley coming out of them. The Base is also quiet as hell. I installed the drivers, Its a Realtek high definition audio intergrated soundcard on my gigabyte Mobo. When i go into the realtek audio manager and do the test i only get sound out of one speaker on the test. I did not have this problem with xp and have checked all the wires and they are good.
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  1. control panel-->realtek audio manager-->audio i/o tab-->make sure you have the correct type of speaker setup selected.
  2. I have the correct 5.1 setup sellected. Its just Vista doing its own thing as ussual.
  3. If you have the right speaker configuration, then it sounds like you need to adjust the equalizer.
  4. sounds like room fill or one of the other enhancements are on turn them off and see what happens
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