How do restrict internet access to certain user accounts?

i would like certain user accounts not to have access to the internet
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  1. Are you referring to user accounts on a single PC or a corporate environment with lots of users? How are you accessing the Internet?

    On a PC, you could use parental control and not give them the password (and make sure that they don't have admin rights). You could also use this solution: Here's another similar solution:

    In a corporate environment, you can restrict them through a proxy server where a user name and password are required. If you use static IP addresses, you could deny access to specific IP addresses. You can also deny access to MAC addresses, but the last two solutions work only when users are always using the same PC. You can also buy commercial software to control Internet access.
  2. please give me the answere how can i restrict internet foe a particular user account
  3. You have to provide details about your environment. Do you have a domain? How do users access the Internet? If you are on a home LAN, use Parental control.
  4. try this

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