Visual C++?

I have Windows Vista SP2 and I was looking through programs that are installed and saw something called "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable". I am really bad at computers so does someone mind telling where it comes from or what it is? When I googled it I also saw on the Microsoft website that there was a 2008 and it didn't list Vista under the "For windows .." at 2005.. so how come it doesn't update itself either?
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  1. do a windows update this can be found by accessing the Windows Start button (Windows Logo) goto all programs and click on windows update you might have to do this a few times.
  2. I did it now 4 times and it always said there were no updates for me. What is it anyway? Can I uninstall it?
  3. Why uninstall it?
  4. fowang said:
    Why uninstall it?

    Well my first question was what it is for..
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