I can't decide.??

I have two system but I can't decide what I should do?

I have an AMD system,

AMD 5000+,400 GB HDD,2 GB RAM[Hyper] and 8600GTS 256 MB,

and I have a INTEL system,

Core2Duo E6320,250 GB HDD,1 GB RAM [Hyper] and 8600GTS 256 MB..

My friends tell me 8600 GTS is bad. Their performance currently not good.They told me add 8800 GTS 320 MB Graphic card to this system. But,if I do this the price will be too high for me for AMD.But I think,I have to reduce AMD's HDD and RAM to 250 GB and 1 GB then add a 8800 GTS 320 MB and delete the 8600GTS or only change the 8600 GTS to 8800 GTS in INTEL? Which will be the best way for future?

Thanks for posting.
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  1. Your best option is to wait and save some more money. Then get something with E6320 (or better)/2GB/8800 GTS, in about 2 months when prices drop a bit. If you hurry and buy something you don't like you'll just have to throw it away soon and you end up wasting money

    Your friends are right, don't get the 8600.
  2. But I want to learn something, What is the difference betweeen E6320 and 5000+ ?

    Some Forums in Turkey,tell this way buy E6320 + 2GB + 8800GTS thanks for helping man =)
  3. I realize this is the graphics forum, but go with the intel for overclocking, otherwise if you dont oc, then go with the 6000
  4. I know thanks =)

    But I can't decide anyway..

    I believe I will buying 8800GTS but for CPU I can't

    Thanks everyone
  5. You're not going to overclock, are you? Listen to jaydeejohn, he knows what he's talking about.

    Buy the 8800 GTS and 2 GB of PC2-6400 (DDR2-800, same thing) and an AMD-compatible motherboard and the best AMD processor you can afford. If you have enough money left for the AMD 6000+ that's perfect. If you don't, get a 5000+. If you don't have enough money for the 5000+ wait and save some more, it's smarter than buying something slower that you'll want to replace soon.

    The difference between E6320 and AMD 5000+: one is made by Intel and the other by AMD. They have very similar performance, i.e. the E6320 will win some benchmarks (video encoding, for example) while AMD will win others. If you're mostly interested in playing games you can get any ofthem, you won't see a difference. They run the same programs. The internal differences are incredibly boring and I'm sure you don't care. AMD may be a little hotter but with a decent case fan you'll be fine.

    Do you guys have big stores in Turkey that sell computers, for example HP or Acer or Dell? Lots of people on this forum hate these computers, and they have good reasons, but sometimes they're good value for the money, especially if you're not an enthusiast and don't intend to modify the PC yourself.
  6. A 320MB 8800GTS + X2 5000+ combo would out-game an e6320 + 8600GTS combo in most games. Shame with such cheap RAM prices right now not to put 2GB in though.
  7. Quote:
    A 320MB 8800GTS + X2 5000+ combo would out-game an e6320 + 8600GTS combo in most games. Shame with such cheap RAM prices right now not to put 2GB in though.

    What did you say? I don't understand anything with my english :(
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