Intel gives a little more info on Larrabee and Gesher

Larrabee is shaping up to be an interesting part. The last paragraph about Gesher is particularly interesting because it has more info than I've seen anywhere else.


The presentation also includes some details about Intel's 32nm "Gesher" CPU, due out in 2009. In brief, it's 4-8 cores, 4GHz, 7 double-precision FLOPs/cycle (scalar + SSE), 32KB L1 (3 clocks), 512KB L2 (9 clocks), and 2-3MB L3 (33 clocks). The cores are arranged on a ring bus, just like Larrabee's, that transmits 256 bytes/cycle. Gesher is due out sometime in 2009.

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  1. That is some neat info on them, good find.
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