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Hello friends , I wanna watch movies and other media files on my tv by writing on CD. so anyone tell me how to do it . which burning software can first convert media files to suitable format so that it can be written on CD same way as we watch video CD. In short i wants to make video CD of downloaded movies to be played on tv.
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  1. Just get a TV Tuner card (internal or external your choice) and watch your stuff directly on the TV without any burning required..

    Or, if you've a DVD player connected to your TV which has USB input option, then get an external hard drive and store all your media into it to watch over the TV.. The content can be easily erased and modified also..

    Or get a product like this and play it directly from your PC -

    P.S. - A little investment now will save you a lot of hazzles and headaches.. Or do you wish to keep burning stuff and make a magnetic stockpile..!!
  2. Thanks emperus, i already have external TV tuner but i dont know how it can be used to watch cpu stuff on TV. My tuner is UMAX
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