Windows XP Blue Screen after SATA DVD-RAM drive installed


My current System configuration:

Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3 GHz with stock cooler.
Mainboard: MSI DKA790GX Platinum
RAM: 3GB DDR2 667MHz (2x1GB, 2x512MB)
Power Supply: Thermaltake 400Watt,
Graphics Card: XFX Geforce 9600GT Alpha Dog
HDD: Samsung SATAII 250GB, P-ATA 80GB,
Monitor: Viewsonic 17" CRT
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2.

I have recently bought a SATA DVD-RAM drive. When I connected the DVD-RAM to the system and powered up, POST happens but "Blue Screen" shows after XP boot from SATA drive and system reboots. The MBR is in the P-ATA (IDE) drive, two XP is installed, one in P-ATA drive and another is in SATA drive. The "Blue Screen" comes when OS in SATA is selected, System boots normally with the OS of P-ATA disk where MBR is. I tried with and without the IDE mode selector but with no go. Changed SATA port, but the issue remais the same. The same thing happened for other SATA HDD also. I am running the system by setting HDD as IDE mode from the BIOS (Three options are there: AHCI, RAID, IDE).

Can somebody have any resolution of this issue?
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  1. DVD-RAM is from BENQ (DW220S),

    Last night both OS (Installed in SATA and P-ATA drive partitions) are showing Blue Secreens and reboot.

    Please help me on resolving the issue.
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