Brand new Dell XPS435 desktop with Vista 64 doesn't see external drive

7 day old Dell XPS435 desktop doesn't recognize external Esata hard drive or external firewire drive. Both drives work perfectly on my Dell latop with XP. It (the new desktop) *does* see USB connected drives.

Well yesterday the Dell technician was in my bedroom replacing the motherboard. Didn't work, he wished me luck. Hours and hours with tech support, floor supervisor said it's a "Known issue" and that he'd call back. He never did.

Could this be Vista 64 bit issue? I have the home edition.

Here are things that have already been tried.
1)reinstall Vista
2)reinstall BIOS
3) reinstall video drivers
4) reinstall chipset drivers
5) replaced motherboard
6) set on fire and throw out the window

Okay, haven't done #6 yet, but am considering it.
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  1. I guess you'll have to wait for that call. Maybe you should ask for a refund if Dell can't solve this problem.

    Did you turn on the external drive? Yeah, nobody is THAT stupid!
  2. It's going back to Dell. What a disappointment. Dell breaks my heart...again...
  3. You got Dell'ed.
  4. Zoron said:
    You got Dell'ed.

    Update, the Dell XPS now sees the esata hard drive. No thanks to dell, just googling web forums. Here's how simple it was, apparently this is a common Vista 64 issue, go to device manager>disk drives> right click "scan for hardware changes". JACKPOT!!!!

    No why the F*ck couldn't Dell tech support have me do that? Instead they sent a know nothing parts changer to my house and changed the entire motherboard. Then after that went all the way to the floor supervisor in India who was so panicked he gave me his email and private telelphone, he eventually gave up too and sent the paperwork for a refund.

    But I'm going to stick with it for the moment, NOW......

    I'm trying to get the XPS to recognize my 1394 hard drive, the same trick didn't work for it, Esata good, firewire still bad. Any suggestions?
  5. My 1394 external Lacie firewire drive appears in the Device Manager and there's no "!" or yellow tag, yet the My Computer doesn't see it. This is Vista 64 bit.
  6. Unfortunately, Dell sends us DCSE guys out with specific instructions to change hardware and perform basic troubleshooting. Although if replacing the part didn't work, the Dell tech is supposed to immediately call Dell's 3rd party support line (presuming he doesn't work for Dell directly) to troubleshoot the issue further. Dell may decide at that point to either replace more parts or have the system sent back to them.

    Have you updated the firewire and eSATA drivers? They may be separate from the chipset drivers. You may also try Googling for Vista 64 and firewire drives if this is truly a Vista issue rather than a Dell issue, you should be able to find something.
  7. The Dell Technician's exact words were "I don't know what to tell you. Try calling tech support or I dunno."

    And as I said, the eSATA now works. So no need for me to google eSata.
  8. Then you should complain to Dell... the technician is NOT supposed to leave until Dell tells him he can go. Even if it's a software issue, Dell is supposed to be able to determine that with the technician before he or she leaves.

    I did say Google Vista 64 and firewire... not eSATA. :P
  9. UPS is coming today for product return. I give up.
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