How Do I Get Rid Of This Virus/Internet Hijacker?

Hello, i am really annoyed about this stupid and pathetic virus or interweb hijacker someone or something has sent me because now when i click a link on a search engine of any sort i get redirected to websites with a completley different URL. I have found that i cant stay logged on to social networking sites like Facebook because my web browsers are completley unable to acept cookies. When i look at the settings menu Where Has The Cookies Tab Gone?

also i have used nearly every anti virus and anti spyware app under the sun trying to remove it but the thing cant find it.

is there any hope?
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  1. ComboFix

    this will fix it right up!

    update it after install and run it!
  3. thanks these both work great!
  4. no problem! pick best answer so it will solve this post !

    i hope grumpy and i were able to help you with this!
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