Avira Premium Security Suite + Malwarebytes

Greetings all
Would like to ask a question.

I'm currently using Avira Premium Security Suite and my question is,
should I run Malwarebytes along with it?
If yes, enable both Realtime Protection & Website Blocking or only one of them?

Pls enlighten me.
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  1. You can do it on both and it will run fine and not conflict,i have both running for the last 6 months!

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    You can run both simultanoeusly. But in my opinion no need.
    If you are having Avira Free Version, MBAM is good Combo.
    Avira Premuim has all the features of AM.
    If you need Extra Protection, You can Keep both.
    NO problem
  3. Yes.

    Malwarebytes is simply an on demand scanner. It will not conflict in any way with Avira. It's simply an added scanner to double check for infections. They are both very good software.
  4. Hey thx for all the replies!

    Btw the Avira Web Guard is a bloat ware!!!
    Extremely useless and slow my internet to a crawl
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  6. the avira web guard is awesome!
  7. Malwarebytes is good...and so I thought. It seems like A-squared has a much better detection rate. It isn't the first time where malwarebytes missed really serious virus/trojans and A-squared picked it up.
  8. A while back, I was impressed when I saw how many threats A-squared picked up. A little too impressed. No other scanner was picking up what A-squared was. So, I did a fresh windows install after a full format, installed A-squared, and ran a scan. It was still picking up 'threats.' It seems to throw in extra detections to make itself look a little better.
  9. Well, All I know is that A-Squared picked up a bunch of trojans and things that malwarebytes didn't. What do you think is the best scanner as your opinion?
  10. I'd have to say combofix has been the most effective. Malwarebytes catches most everything I've seen. However, there was one PC giving me some real fits. No matter what I did, no scanners were finding the infection. I ran superantispyware, malwarebytes, sophos, avast, avira, panda, spybot and ESET. None of them could find it.

    Combofix was the only scanner that found and removed the rootkit. Combofix is a little different. It doesn't show you the results, and ask you what you want to do. It just does it. It's powerful, but effective.
  11. plus 1 for aford!
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