Very high temps at idle w/ good material

Hi, I have built my rig a few months ago and I have been making a few changes to it (another hard drive, an x-fi, different fans,...) and honestly I get ridiculously high temperatures considering what I have.

These are the temps speedfan 4.32 posts at idle (I'm a little confused about some of the temps):

Temp1: 55ºC
Temp2: 37ºC
Temp3: -1ºC
HD0: 38ºC
HD1: 46ºC
HD2: 44ºC
Core0: 40ºC
Core1: 40ºC

Okay, forget about Temp3, it's not sensing anything obviously. What are Temp1 and Temp2? The Core temps are average (when I had a fan blowing to the ninja they were quite better), the HDs are also running a bit hotter than normal don't you think?

My rig:

C2D E4300 @ 3.0Ghz (333*9 no voltage change)
Gigabyte DS3 Rev. 2
Antec P180
XFX GeForce 8800GTS 640Mb
2Gb Kingston Value Ram 667Mhz
Scythe Ninja Rev. B (w/artic silver ceramique)
2x WD Caviar 80Gb Sata2 (HD1 and HD2)
Samsung Spinpoint T 500Gb Sata2 (HD0)
Creative X-Fi Gamer
NEC AD-7173A dvd burner
2 Noctua SF-12 1200 rpm (one blowing the WD drives and the other as rear exhaust both running at ~600rpm)
Antec TriCool for top exhaust (low setting)

As far as I know everything is correctly assembled, the motherboard does not come with any type of cooler though.

Please let me know your opinion.
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  1. lap the heatsink and use arctic silver 5

    i money is on bad mounting of the heatsink

    try using stock speeds and see the temp
  2. There's not much difference between AS5 and ceramique. Also, the heatsink is properly mounted. Installed a fan blowing to the heatsink and the cores lowered to around 30ºC.

    Temp1: 46ºC
    Temp2: 27ºC

    The HDs also dropped around 10ºC...

    I don't get it, so what are Temp1 and Temp2?

    And why has the temperature of the HDs dropped so much since I installed a fan directly to the heatsink...
  3. Good one repoting
  4. Yea fans on the HDD help. I got a shocking 80mm on mine and its at a nice cool 18-20C
  5. Your exit fan on your case is running at half speed?
    Remove the rear exit fan guard (cut it out if you have to) and run your fan at full speed.
  6. Quote:
    I see no problem with your temps. Temp 1 and 3 are never repoting anything correctly. Temp 2 is ussualy your CPU and so are the 2 Core temps yuor getting. So overall your at about 40C on the CPU. The HDD temps are nothing big either but putting a fan bloing on them from the frnt of the case would help. Overall your temps are fine. Can't exspect much better then that with the OC you have.

    Alright, my main concern was temp1 anyway, so I'm a bit more relieved. As for the HDs I'll probably try and figure out a way.

    Thank you all for your help.
  7. My guess would be that Temp 1 is your northbridge temperature. Try putting a 40mm fan on it and see if the temperature drops. The rest of your temps look fine.
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