Windows xp not loading and cant flash BIOS

I am trying to reload windows xp pro on my friends dell XPS 400 and when I 1st tried to run the install it always went to a stop eror pci.sys. I was able to create a boot disk fdisk the drive and got it to install but it hung on the windows splash screen so I tried a new HDD and RAM and get hung on same spot so I then booted in safew mode and it loads but if i try safe mode with networking it hangs on the mup.sys file. So i thought the bios needed to be flashed went to dell sight got the update but I cant flash it from safe mode of dos prompt. Any ideas or suggestions, is it the motherboard or something. Any help would be great
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  1. You're not using a "free" copy of Windows, are you? Sounds like a motherboard problem to me if that's not the case.
  2. ive used this copy of windows before. How would a free copy cause it.
  3. Trying to flash the BIOS while a machine isn't stable isn't a good idea, if the machine hangs while flashing, you brick it!
    Are you installing the original Dell build of XP?
  4. Was typing the reply at the same time you posted...
    The Dell build of XP isn't the same as a normal commercial build, a number of the core drivers are different for improved compatability with Dell hardware.
  5. no i am not using the dell build my friend lost them. So the only option would be to have him order them thru dell
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