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Almost every folder i have is read only includeing my WoW dirrectory. I try to change it in the properties and it applys to all the folders and files but then i click out and check on it again and its back to read only. Iv truned UAC off and tried it again and still no luck. I cant make any changes to anything in WoW or any of my other games untill this is fixed.
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  1. Is the square filled in, or is there a check box?
  2. Its filled in and when i completelly dissable that box it still comes back
  3. In which directory are your games installed?

    Look into effective permissions and inherited permissions.

    You may need to log in as the hidden user in Vista to change these.
  4. its on my second partition that i left from my xp installation that has my music and games on it. How do i log in as the Hidden user?
  5. Sorry, that should have been hidden administrator.

    Vistas hidden administrator is similar to Linux super user. If changes can be made it is this account that will let you make them.

    For security purposes it is best that when you have finished with hidden admin to deactivate it again. If malware manages to install while you are using admin privileges it can cause alot of damage.
  6. I think this is normal. If I'm not mistaken, it's event that way in XP.

    Here is another thread discussing it.

    Edit: so when you say you can't make changes to the game, does that mean that you cannot save game settings?
  7. Maybe this will help you?
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