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Internet severely slowed by Avira Premium Security Suite, Any Solution

Been new to Avira and signed up for a 3pc subscription just yesterday.

The thing is my internet has been slowed to a crawl. (Averaging 0.15Mbps~0.8Mbps quoting
Figured from online articles the main cause should be the bloatware webguard and uninstalled it.
Internet speed immediately jumped back to Max 4Mbps, but I'm not satisfied because I'm on a 15Mbps plan.

Before I jumped ship from Norton 360 to Avira(1day back), I am getting 15Mbps for my desktop directly plugged to modem and Max 10Mbps for my desktop linked to modem via HomePlug,
However now, for my desktop directly plugged to modem, the max speed is only 4Mbps, and this is definitely unacceptable, since at 99% time while I'm using Norton 360 the speed is at +-15Mbps.
For my desktop linked by HomePlug the max speed is at 4+Mbps as well and in most cases I'm having less than 3Mbps connection.

Obviously this has to be caused by Avira Premium Security Suite because this is the only change I made to my desktops for the day.
For the speedtest(which I used for all the above stats, so no discrepancies) which I did with Avira, the 1st part where speedtest tests latency, the loading bar is never smooth and will always slow at a certain pt before completing the bar. Previously not using Avira the test latency part is always smooth since my desktop is either directly plugged to modem or linked by HomePlug(which = plugged lan wire to modem almost directly as well).

For the Avira Settings,
My desktop plugged to modem directly is using Medium Settings. (Vista 32bit)
Desktop plugged to Homeplug is using High Settings. (Win 7 64bit)

Both Firewall set to medium, since anything higher will slow my internet to a crawl.(Tested on both machines)
Both have WebGuard uninstalled, MailGuard disabled.
All other firewall settings are of default settings.

I'm starting to regret jumping ship to avira.
Hope guys here could help me solve the internet problems caused by Avira.
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  1. Why did you turn to avira when norton was working perfectly..!! BTW, the default windows firewall is good enough for anyone to use other stuff.. Just do a complete uninstall of avira (use revo uninstaller) and later install just the antivirus software and let windows manage the firewall..

    P.S. - If you've multiple security softwares running simultaneously, there may be conflicts.. Its also recommended to turn off the windows firewall when using other firewall solution..
  2. the new norton products are great and light on resources!
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    comodo internet security..
    it's free and user friendly, has all the tools to secure your system.
    check it out.
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