NVIDIA 9800GT disables second display when powered off.


I've got two big screen monitors connected to my 9800GT via HDMI cables. They are configured for a vertical span configuration in the NVIDIA drivers (updated to the latest version of the driver)

When I turn off the second monitor which I do sometimes to save power, either windows or the nvidia drivers auto-detects that the second monitor was powered off and changes my video configuration to a single monitor configuration, resizing my desktop back to fit on only one monitor. When I turn my second monitor back on, I need to manually re-configure the video settings every time.

This did not used to happen, I made no conscious driver changes or software installs on the machine. It could have very well been a windows update that installed this new, undesired feature. A month ago, when I powered off the monitor it would leave the video configuration alone and when I powered the second monitor off and back on the display would still be spanned across both displays.

Does anyone know how to prevent my video settings from being reset to single monitor mode when I power off my second monitor?
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  1. Hell-o!

    I had the same problem after installing 185.50 drivers. 186.18 also were working incorrectly.

    Problem was solved after installing older 182.50 drivers.
  2. I have the same problem. I am running 64bit Windows 7 with a 7900GTX.

    I don't want to use older drivers, does anyone have a solution rather than this workaround?

    Edit: posted this on the official nVidia forums:
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