Not sure what the problem is

I dont know what is causing my computer to do this during most of my games.

Look at the extra line on my team mate
this other pic was takes while mashing print screen so here it does not happen on every frame.

Here is Medieval 2 total War

I have 2 xfx 7900gt in SLi.
I have tried swaping the position of the cards in SLi mode and tried each card alone with sli disabled. I still get the same image defects. I'm not sure what else to do. Is it my graphics card at all? Could it be my RAM?
This current computer I upgraded to PCI-e so i cant test it with my old AGP card.

let me know if you guys can figure it out, thanks.

Edit: forgot to mention if you notice these lines produce shadows.
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  1. Have you reinstalled the driver?
    Are you overclocking?
  2. I have redownloaded and reinstalled the driver numerous times.

    I am not OCing anything on this system.
  3. Still, you should monitor your GPU temperatures using, for example, ATI Tray Tools. Looks like a problem with the graphic card's memory, maybe it running too fast or too hot.

    Have these problems always existed, or have only started recently?
  4. It started a few months ago but not often. Recently I started playing more resource intensive games and the problems grew.

    the Clock speeds are core: 470, memory: 685
  5. The graphics cards are overheating, which is causing the tearing. Add a couple of 80mm or 120mm fans and have them face the cards, and it should go down and relieve the tearing.

    Do you get FPS lag by any chance too? That would also determine a temperature problem.
  6. I opened up my case and put my massive High Velocity Blower from Sam's club. The Core temp dropped from 66 C to 40 C and the tearing had stopped. I'm not sure what cooling solution will help but Ill work on it in the morning. Thanks for all your help.
  7. The HR-03 is a good choice for sli setups, but is expensive.
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