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I have a genuine vista license and vista installed on a pc that I bought from Circuit City. I used the recover disk creator to create the recovery disks. However they come with software and drivers and only works on the PC they were made from.
I will be building my own computer soon, and want to transfer that vista to it(and use old xp licenses on my current one). However there is no way to make a clean vista install disk from my current pc that i can find. I did this once with my xp - i found a solution on google where there was a directory with the base xp files and then i burnt them to a cd and now have a clean xp install disk.
Am i wrong or is there no way of doing this for vista? Am i going to have buy a clean install disk. I don't want to download iso's from torrent sites
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  1. Legally, you cannot do what you're wanting to do. Even with XP, you cannot uninstall OEM copies of software from old computers and transfer them to new computers... the license is tied to that computer and valid only on that computer. You have to buy a retail license (either full or upgrade) to obtain the right to uninstall from one computer and transfer to a new one.
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    As Zoron said the licence stays with the old computer.
    "I will be building my own computer soon" how soon, in a month's time Windows 7 will hit the shops and you can buy an upgrade version using your legal XP disk and key as a qualifying upgrade OS.
    I wouldn't bother installing XP first, as it will need to be removed before the W7 upgrade can be applied, so just wait for it.
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