help request:how to share your internet over internet via vpn

hi everybody

I wanted to use my pc(vista home premium) at home to act as a vpn(in fact proxy) server, so i can use my laptop behind the firewall (at company) in a way that i can access any ip & port.
anyways... i used ms virtual pc to test. i can easily connect to my pc from virtual (pptp). ican ping and use shared things.
then i shared my internet connection (my nic is connected to cable modem using twisted pair).unfortunately it's not working.
i searched the internet and it seems that it's because pptp can't work behind NAT. if i'm wrong tell me please.
we have MS ISA Server blocking things.
using vpn client has no limitations.
my ip is dynamic but changes in very long periods.
do you think i should use vpn , proxy server or ssh on my pc?
any suggestion|alternative|whatever!! in any form is welcomed!
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  1. I think you will probably get fired for attempting to circumnavigate the security policies of your employer.
  2. Thanks for the tip bro.
    what about some answer? please....
  3. Well still try to figure out what your trying to use this for. You have access to all the files on your notebook at work why do you need access to every computer there. Just install hamachi onto each computer who's resources you wish to use. If you don't have access to install that then you probably should not be sharing to it from home anyway.
  4. Easy:

    Install Freeproxy and Hamachi on the windows 2000 and up computer sharing the internet. (host) -have never tried it with vista - though you have to make xp firewall allow freeproxy and hamachi through - probably will with vista too

    Configure Freeproxy to forward port 80 (that's the www) to the IP of the hamachi account on the host. If you're not too worried about security and have a good router/firewall us "any ip address" for the local and remote binding - that's the most open.

    I think the new default port is 8080. That means the www is being rerouted to the new port. I chose to use 8082 'cause 8080 conflicts with other programs I sometimes use. Doesn't matter, as long as the port is unique and not reserved.

    Then install Hamachi on the remote client - who will be accessing the internet from behind a filtered firewall. With both computers on the same hamachi network, you can configure the browser on your client to use a proxy. Firefox - Tools, options, advanced, settings, Manual Proxy Configuration - enter the hamachi ip of the host and the port # and you should see the internet through the tunnel you've made.

    Works for me. Some bottle-necking as you are squeezing through a tunnel and your host is downloading and uploading simultaneously. Have done it with DSL and Cable.
  5. I don't understand how to configure free proxy to port forward to a specific ip address? The free proxy settings allow you to open up a port but not a specific ip do you do this? And what about my router...what port should I forward that to? I guess I would just like a bit more detailed explanation....I would really appreciate it....Thanks!
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