Major problem with web browser (Internet Explorer)

Hi, I have an annoying problem with Internet Explorer. I often open several browser windows at once, so I can watch multiple pages at once. However, often, I open a new window and it doesn't want to load anything at all, regardless of what site I want to go. So I have to open a third window to check webpages.

Any reason for this? I mean, certain Internet Explorer windows just refuse to load anything, so I have to close them and open a new window. It's really annoying. Is this spyware? Some browser option?

The problem occured when I was using Internet Explorer 7, but since I am using 8, the problem is much worse. For example, often I have to right-click on a link to open a new window, then copy-paste the adress on yet another window because the second window refuses to load something.

I was wondering if anyone here have an idea what could be the issue?
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  1. Haven't experienced this myself, but let me ask you a few questions to get an idea of what may be causing the issue.

    Have you changed any TCP/IP parameters such as Maximum MTU either in Windows or on you DSL/Cable Modem/Router?

    If you hook up another machine running the same browser, do you experience the same issues?

    Are you using static IPs on your network or DHCP? If using static IPs, what have you set for DNS servers?
  2. Firefox has tabbed browsing. You can try that to see if it still happens.
  3. No, I didn't change any tcp/IP parameters, except allowing UPNP on my router.

    I never tried using another machine on this network. I only have one computer.

    I think I have automatic IP. Does that answer the question?
  4., that pretty much covers anything you may have changed intentionally that would cause the issue.

    The easiest thing to do to find the source of the issue is going to be to use another computer on your internet connection and see if the same thing happens on the other machine. If it does, you know it has something to do with your internet connection or networking equipment.

    If it does not happen on another machine, then you know it is a software issue on your machine. If that is the case, spyware is likely the cause.

    I use these free programs on a regular basis to remove spyware/malware/adware, etc. to great effect.

    Spybot Search&Destroy. This one is absolutely great. Not only does it remove many harmful types of software from your PC, it can also immunize browsers like IE and Firefox to known malware and malicious sites.

    Super-Antispyware. The name sounds cheesy, but the results are great. This will also find and remove many viruses if you don't have good antivirus software on your box.

    Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware. A third tool in the arsenal, because even the previous two tools don't always catch everything. It can be found here:

    Lastly, if you are fairly tech savvy, you can get an in-depth report on what's running on your machine to help manually identify any potential issues using HiJack This. It's good, but takes some patience and knowledge to utilize.

    As the other poster said, you can also try using a different browser like Firefox or Safari and see if these don't get rid of your issues.

    Hope this helps!
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