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I recently bought the G41-M7 motherboard and after installing the OS XP Pro SP3
I had issues with a driver for the realtek onboard sound but figured it out all drivers are sorted now my only problem is why with power dvd do the movies run slow my only guess would be that its the on board graphics as im still getting a graphics card
yet there is no sound during the movie and it lags but everything else has sound games music,etc :sweat:
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    Is it choppy? Or does it play in slow motion? PowerDVD has a frame speed setting. If that's turned down, the movie will play in slow motion.

    Try using VLC media player, instead of PowerDVD. It will have the codecs needed for the audio, and may also solve the slow video issue.
  2. Ok my specs are

    CPU:Quad core Q8400
    RAM:2 Gb DDR2 800MHz
    Mobo:Biostar G41-M7
    On board Graphics X4500

    Still need to get a graphics card but that shouldn't make a difference
  3. Ok checked out VLC plays fine but what i noticed on power dvd on the information tab is that my sound card is in use weird that sound works with everything else but that the version of power dvd is v8 so don't know
  4. Sounds like some kinda bug. To tell you the truth, I've never been real impressed with PowerDVD. VLC has been a real nice alternative media player.
  5. Yeah its awsome i dont know weird but il use VLC till i can get the tenth addtion of power dvd maybe it will be sorted then thanks,do you remember GTA San andreas got a slight issue there to when i play i can only use the keyboard and the mouse is present but can't select anything or move around and other people here can its the sidewinder x4 keyboard and x3 mouse?
  6. It may be logging an error in the event viewer.
  7. yeah weird man only two problems i have cause its a gaming keyboard and mouse stuffed if i know all other games work besides that

    see you have the HAF932 case nice dude got the raidmax skyline
  8. Yep, I love it. It's HUGE. It's got real nice airflow. I like the motherboard tray cable management. It's whisper quiet too.

    Raidmax has a reputation for being a budget case. But I got a Scorpio a few years back. Actually, I still have it. It's a quality case. It doesn't have a ton of options or fans, but it does exactly what most would need it to. Looks like your model has a few more fans though.

    Keep in mind the size of the case, and the airflow when picking out your new video card. Some of the newer video cards are long, and don't fit in those mid towers.
  9. Yeah but with my G41-M7 mobo its a micro ATX so pci slot is away from that part of the case and the g card im going to get is the GTX 260 not going big till prices die down would of went core i7 till i read on the nag site that ddr4 mobo's are coming then said to myself just build it that you can play games and wait yeah raidmax bit under the quality side of life but got 120mm fans and 80mm on the side panel which is see through and lights up blue cool enough for me
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  11. It's nice to wait for the new hardware. But you sure do pay a pretty penny for it.

    Thanks for the vote :)
  12. Yeah thats why as long as it works and i can play the games why not this case is not bad just the reputatin of raidmax dampens it no sweat dude helped alot you know your stuff look out for any future issues from me,lol,do you have any?
  13. The only problem I've had with my case, is the pins in the molex connectors are a little flimsy. It just needs a soft touch. But the case is solid, looks nice, well priced, and pretty quiet.
  14. Well thats with most cases including mine wish they could change the shape to the sape of the four port connector like the one which gives power to the mobo yeah dude wish i were you right now,lol
  15. I'm at work. You don't want to be me right now. :)

    There are some really nice cases, that are cheaper than the HAF though. The Antec 900 and Coolermaster Storm Scout are real nice.
  16. Which country you live in?Me South africa 7:24am freaking cold and trust me you don't want to be right now working for this property agency while i study PC engineering and job creation,antec 900 is ok but HAF takes the cake in my vote but i chose quantity not quality airflow is the key to having a smooth running system cos when hardware gets hot things don't run to hot
  17. 7:54am here in the US. It's been pretty warm here. :)

    If the Antec 900 doesn't do it for ya, the Antec 1200 is a beast too!
  18. Yeah antec looks so cool dude but as dumb as this sounds boy the raidmax skyline has grown on me despite there reputation,lol

    wish i were there god someone left the freezer door open people playing soccer here must be love'n it
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