Failed Write at very end everytime I burn to a DL DVD...

After multiple attempts and two different software packages, multiple files tried, etc...

Every single time I try and burn a DL DVD, it goes through 100% and always fails the burn on the lead-out.

Any ideas?

(Memorex DVD+R DL media; NEC 3560a (I think) 16x DVD-/+R DL burner).
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  1. Well, I don't know if you'll see this, but here goes.... I have had really bad luck with both Memorex media and NEC drives. I would first try different media, (I've found media incompatibilities between 2 identical models of burners!) if it still won't finish it's the burner. NEC quality has really gone in the trash can in the past 2 years, the Nasdaq index threatened to de-list them (NEC) this week for shady business practices. Try a new Pioneer or Plextor.
  2. Hi,

    memorex DL are not good, try some verbatim.

    Update your firmware for your burner.
  3. Burn at a speed lower than the maximum for your media. The speed of your media is probably lower thant the speed your drive can burn at.

    I have had a lot of problems using Nero 7. I suggest your use Imgburn if it is an image or Blindwrite.
  4. Make sure you have the latest firmware and also if you can, try a different burner
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