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Well my compaq Presario CQ60 cannot boot up at all. My dumb decision to change the primary boot up harddrive. It was partitioned out of 1 harddrive. I tried running the repair CD and it just hangs on the loading screen. If it gets past that it sticks on a black screen. Changing bios or trying to boot up in a different way doesnt change anything. It just hangs and stays there. I need to completely wipe the harddrive or anything to boot up again. Please Help.
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  1. It looks as if you have destroyed the restore partition, do have the full set of restore cd's, if not you will have to contact Compaq to get them, you will have to pay for them.
    Otherwise you may need to purchase Windows and then chase up all the drivers.
    Maybe if you can explain exactly what you did, we can better give you some help.
    "My dumb decision to change the primary boot up harddrive" does this mean you swapped the drive or repartitioned it?
  2. Well at the moment the drives are completely wiped i got that done. Now i would love to install Windows any way possible and i currently dont have a Windows XP CD off hand. I have windows 2000 Professional but everytime i run it, the CD hangs in setup during installation saying "Starting Windows 2000 Setup Files". I cant do anything other than hit the power button once and it shuts down. Any help?
  3. Sorry for repost the Harddrive is formatted and partitioned.
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