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All right, so when i open a .pdf file on my machine it opens the file. When i try to move around on the page any direction, it freezes. Any solutions or reasons why adobe is freezing up so much?
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  1. Does the program go non responsive? It may just be slow if there are multiple pages.

    Check the event viewer to see if it's logging any errors.
  2. The reason is that Adobe reader is a piece of junk.. Get rid of it.. Use Foxit Reader instead..
  3. If Adobe was crap, i don't think so many people and businesses would be using it.
  4. the number of pages in the file doesnt matter i open one thats 2000 kb vs 200 kb and i get the same effect. Where do i find the event viewer?
  5. start-->run-->eventvwr.msc-->look under application and/or system for red X's
  6. All right checking now, its 9.3 adobe and im updating right now to see if that solve anything.
  7. I rebooted after the update and i ran the event viewer and saw many errors, the source being my user account and system errors. However i have not found one specific to adobe. Any thoughts?
  8. What are the details in the error message? It should list the service/program that's crashing.
  9. The program is not crashing it just freezes. So i close it and it says program not responding end now? The update seemed to fix the problem. I am not sure what was causing the issue. Thanks for your help.
  10. Good to hear. Thanks for the update.

    try this it runs smoother!
  12. aford10 said:
    If Adobe was crap, i don't think so many people and businesses would be using it.

    May be they don't know such a software exists.. Moreover, businesses don't run by choices but people do.. Moreover, I've referred to adobe reader as junk and not adobe.. I'd suggest you to personally give foxit a try and post back your views..
  13. I work in a bank IT department. We certainly do have an option of what we roll out on our workstations.

    I always look to try new software though.
  14. I do like the tools layout of Foxit. It seems a little more polished than Adobe reader. It's a nice software, but that doesn't make Adobe reader 'crap'.
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