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I just wanted some advice when it came to upgrading, I have a Athlon XP 2800 system running at stock, and wanted to upgrade it slightly, adding some more ram and keeping the current graphics card I have in it.

So i got a 939 mobo that has been lying around the place and never been used out of its box. However, I am not sure what processor to go for.

I can get a Athlon 64 4000+ at around £34 ($68) or an Opteron 165 at £50 ($100) or an Athlon X2 3800 at around the same give or take a few dollars more.

So which is better?
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  1. you pay more for the 939 chips so ditch the mobo and go am2 or c2d
  2. It's not worth ditching it because AM2 means I have to also pay for DDR2 RAM and I don't want to do that. I only want to pay for the processor, I already have the Mobo.

    I just want it to last till AM3 and DDR3, so trying to decide which CPU to go for, and can't find a comparison to see which is better for what I use the machine for.
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