Help, BSOD after SP2 install, can't roll back??

Installed Vista SP2. I reboot, I get a BSOD with IRQ not less or equal. rest of the error just said STOP with a bunch of 0's and 1's - no drivers listed. Looked up advice, booted into safe mode, cleaned up drivers, etc.

Rebooted, now a BSOD with "tried to execute memory in non executable memory" or something like that.... screw it, I put in repair CD. Cannot repair boot automatically. Need to use system restore.

I've tried restoring twice which works... sort of. Now I can boot into normal mode with no BSOD, but as soon as it finishes I can't login in, it goes straight to installing SP2.... stage 1 of 3 --% complete screen. If i let it finish, same problems again.

I don't care about SP2 anymore. I JUST WANT TO BOOT WINDOWS!! Ahh. So annoyed.

Is there anyway around this? Is there a way to cancel the stupid SP2 install so my system just works again? Even trying to boot into safe mode it just launches the SP2 install!!
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  1. you should be able to restore your computer to before Downloading the update if not, try fixing your MBR (master boot record) you can get to this using the Vista DVD and booting into that.
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