Antec 900 and Tuniq Tower 120

Due to the size of Tuniq Tower 120, Air flow in my current case (no-brand?) is doing bad job.
so planning to get Antec 900, but does Tuniq Tower 120 fit in there? how about with the side fan installed?

I dont think I would wait for Antec 1200..
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  1. The good news is that the Tuniq will fit in the case (just) but the bad news is that you won't be able to use a side fan. for mine i had to remove the fan fitting and do a bit of DIY on the side grill as without the plastic fan fitting the grill doesn't stay in place, not too hard though.

    It does technically fit, and it is defiantly worth it, it is one hell of a case with amazing airflow, even with the Tuniq in there. One of the best air cooling combo's you can get, 8 degrees cooler than my house mates water cooling playing battlefield 2142, same processor, same overclock (he's not too happy!!)

    Hope this helps

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