Benchmark FFXIV wont run

I try to run FXIV benchmark but when i click start the window apears and it says the benchmark stop working. :fou: im using Window 7
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  1. I just had the same problem on my Win 7 32-bit machine. Solved it by updating to ATI Catalyst 10.5 (not sure for nvidia) and re-installing DirectX 9.0c. Rebooted and the benchmark now runs fine.
  2. ive updated ati catalist 10.6 and reinstall direct x9 got lastest video crad driver but still not working.
  3. Not sure if it matters, but does your computer meet the minimum requirements for the benchmark? What's your CPU, graphics card, RAM, etc?
  4. waiting for a new graphic card. ill let know if it solve the problem thank
  5. i installed the new graphic card and it does work now. thank you!
  6. Congrats on the new card. Hope you enjoy FF14 when it comes out.
  7. i have an ASUS g73jh laptop with win7 premium 64bit ati radeon 5870. i can't seem to get the benchmark to run. i installed the direct x 9. ive updated my bios to ver 209. i am almost certain i have the latest version of my graphics card driver. last time i tryed to install 10.6 i ran into problems but when i did a scan to see if i could even upgrade my pc said i have the latest version. so i am completely stumped as to why i cannot run this benchmark.
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