Hotel Wireless Hell

I need some serious help with my wireless connection at a Hotel i am staying at for the next few months.

The problem is, I can connect to the local network but I cannot connect to the internet. Now it did work flawlessly for an entire week then ... nothing.

The network is unsecured and i have permision from the owner to work on his machine if necessary to fix it, so any ideas are easy to try.

Also i know my wireless works without a hitch because i am writing this from a starbucks (yuppies all around me!) and have connected around town on a total of 3 other different unsecured networks.

Now in the hotel i was dl'ing movies and probably using quite a bit of the bandwidth all day while i was at school, and apparently there was a computer tech guy in the hotel doing business from the room he was in. Now me and the owner think he may have somehow banned me from the networks internet access. He would have done this all from his own room and now he is gone.

Any ideas on what could have happend? Or how to fix it? Is there an easy way to see if you are banned and if so how to resolve it?

thanks in advance,
(it really sucks driving across town to get my emails, and more importantly i cant game anymore !!)


i can give you all the info on my machine asap, the owners machine info will take a bit more time to gather.
also pretty sure all my hardware is solid as i can connect everywhere else instantly.
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  1. Well you might be able to ban a machine by mac address on the acess point(s). Hard to say since I don't know what hardware they have or what programs they might be using to monitor it.
  2. What IP are you getting? Start there.
  3. Have you tried disabling your firewire and renewing your IP address at the hotel?
  4. It's also entirely possible the guy just set the default gateway to point to

    If I wanted to mess with someones network, that's what I'd do. Quick, easy and works a charm ;)
  5. If the owner is willing to let you use his computer to resolve the issue.. why doesnt he just call the computer guy (I am guessing that manages the network there).. and ask him if he blocked you?

    Does the hotel have multiple wireless access points? Have you tried to hit the default gateway in a browser to see if you get a login screen or prompt?
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