How do i upgrade the opengl version of my gdi generic graphics card

how do i upgrade the openGL version of my GDI generic graphics card?
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  1. There is no such thing as a Generic graphics card, they all have some sort of chip, nVidia, AMD (ATI), S3, Matrox, etc...

    Maybe you will be better off explaining why you are looking for this?
  2. Because thats exactly what my computer told me.... O_o
  3. Your computer told you it's generic because it can't find a driver for it. Is this a desktop, laptop,...? If this is a retail computer (Dell, Gateway, Acer,...), look up the make and model on the manufacturer's web site and find out what graphics chip is in it, then you will know which driver to get. In fact, you should be able to download the driver right from their site.
  4. its saying that because you hav'nt installed the drivers for it yet!
  5. +1 ^ there is no more a generic video card than there is a generic car. Your computer can't figure out what to use for the drivers, so it just lists the default, which does not quite work. All video cards will work enough to display something on the screen with those generic or VGA drivers because they were built that way. In order for the features of the card to work to play games or 3D work or even work at the right speed, you need to get the specific drivers for your hardware.
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