OC lowers my preformance????

ok so I've managed to Oc my e4400 to 3.5Ghz and it's more then 12 hours Orthos and Prime95 stable.
I mostly play CS:S...... after i got everything where i wanted and made sure it was stable I decided to play a little CS, I ran through the games video stress test and was happy to see that my old average FPS of 125 was now up to 150FPS even with higher settings selected. (I still have the same video card BFG 7600gt OC) but just for fun I wanted to compair this new score to what it would be if the CPU was running stock speed (just to see how much preformance I got from my 75% OC). to my extreame suprise after running the same video stress test on the same settings (only diff is the CPU speed) my new average FPS was a whopping 220FPS.....
I ran the test several times, and I noticed that as i rose the CPU speed my average FPS always went DOWN?????

here's what i was getting......

220FPS @ 2.0Ghz
190FPS @ 2.5Ghz
150FPS @ 3.0Ghz
135FPS @ 3.33Ghz
120FPS @ 3.5Ghz

the one thing that I did notice was that when I was actually in game playing on a server, that it was very jumpy at the stock 2.0Ghz. people were jumping everywhere :S (not was i want to see since i just upgraded from 1Gb crap ram and a Athlon 64 3000+, to 2GB Patriot 4-4-4-12 DDR@ and a e4400) However if I OC even to 2.5Ghz or 3.0Ghz all the jumping around stops and the game looks and runs great....

Is there anything that can explain this? either there is something wrong or i'm just totally forgetting about something here....PLZ help
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  1. check your temps, you might be pushing ur cpu too far. heat can lag your pc even though its at high clocks.

    what are your other specs of your pc?
  2. have you tried using other software to benchmark as well, it could just be a peculiarity in the way that CS:S measures FPS?

    you shouldn't ever see the difference between 220FPS and 120FPS, so the fact that you say that when the game is reporting 220FPS you can SEE jerkiness, but with the OC (and supposedly lower FPS) you don't, I think it's the software not reporting correctly
  3. PC specs....

    Abit ab9 mobo ( i know it's not great but it was $30CDN so hey)

    2gb patriot xp DDR2 4-4-4-12 @2.2v

    segate 320gb SATAII HDD

    Vapochill micro extream preformance HS/F (i also added a second fan and that lowered cpu temp 2-3 deg C)

    Intel C2D E4400 2.0Ghz (but can hit 3.5Ghz with max temp of 60c and ambient temp. of 24c)

    the cpu only hits those temps if both cores are 100% under orthos or multiple prime95 tests. when playing CSS my MAX temp reached was 45c
    I also have 3 x 120mm fans and 2 x 80mm fans in my case so i know that case temp isn't to high there is excelent airflow in it...

    yea, it's weird, at the higher fps the levels the levels themselves are very smooth, and anything part of the map is good, it's only the people that jump. i thought at first it was my rate, but not sure now. I do have 3dmark05 and 3dmark06 so i'll try those and see how it goes at the different clock speeds.
  4. ya if your 3dmark scores shows increase after overclocking then there's nothing wrong with your system, probably a software issue
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