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Hi everyone I'm looking for a software for making user instructions on assembling furniture components. I was wondering if there's a software out there that'll be easy to use for this task. If not, what other software can I use? Thank you for the assistance.
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  1. Being a Mechaincal Machine Design Engineer,
    1.I use any 3D CAD Software & Make Exploded View Drawing for machine assemblies, with parts marked, them as .JPG/.PNG,
    3.import them to Word document
    4.Add the assembly info.
    5.Use Cutepdf to convert the word document to PDF & Print..

    If somebody Suggests any software in replacement for 3D Cad Softwares, that will do good for you!
  2. I've never tried this, If you want, have a look at this!
    30days free trial is available!
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