How do i unmute my mic for windows vista

this person asked this question and i am having the same problem,does anyone know the answer please....FWD..
Ok, trying to get my mic to work. Have gone through the properties in the volume control for windows. No where in there, under any tab, is there a microphone checkbox. Have tried reinstalling sound drivers, different sound drivers, everything. Does anyone know a way for me to unmute my mic without that checkbox, because I have been told it comes muted by default.
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    No volume control for mic tends to indicate no mic connection. Are you using front or rear connection? if front it may not be wired internally.
  2. well its a brand new gateway laptop.came with vista9i dont like it) now when i speak into the mic,i do get a level,if i record what i speak,i cant hear it while i record,but when i play it back,it plays.the earphones and the mic work i am sooo confused.
    with my last gateway laptop i had windows and it worked fine,alls i had to do was right click on the speaker on the bottom right hand corner of the laptop and unmute the mic.
    with the vista the mic doesnt even come up.but when i go into the controls the mic isnt i really need so lost.
    just keep it mind that the mic levels show up when i speak into it,but i can not hear myself through the headphones when i speak into it,but it plays when i play it back.and when i do play it back i can here it through the headphones..makes no sense at all..thanks to you and anyone who can help me,or who at least tries
  3. P.S. its windows vista,the 9 after it was a mistake..thanks
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